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14k Gold Weight Plate Pendant on Gold Chain

14k Gold Weight Plate Pendant on Gold Chain

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Barbellic's weight plate pendants are more than just some necklace.  They are a talisman.  This 14k gold plate is like an amulet that gives inspiration and pride to those who put in that sacrifice, day in and day out, to bust through every limit and push themselves to grow.  This weightlifting jewelry is perfect for those who love powerlifting, bodybuilding, weight lifting, or any kind of strength training and still want to look cute when out and about!   This 14k gold-plated pendant will thrill anyone who loves to lift weights, and comes on a 14k gold filled chain.  It also matches our gold weight plate earrings!

It takes a special kind of person to love the suffering involved in building strength.  Lift heavy things.  Get  uncomfortable.  Pushing beyond all mental and physical limits - every day a little bit stronger in some small way.  It's impossible to leave that commitment behind at the gym - it becomes part of who you are.  Barbellic's jewelry is designed to bring that passion off the weight bench, out of the squat rack, and in to the rest of life! 

This gold necklace is perfect for everyday wear - to the office, out for drinks with friends from the gym, or anywhere that you'd like to add a touch of elegance to your outfit while showing off your passion and commitment.  These make a gift for a wife, girlfriend, daughter, mom, your trainer, or a fitness loving bride-to-be.  We all have enough yoga pants.  This is a gift for yourself or a loved one that will bring inspiration, motivation, and pride to every moment of the day

Training with free weights and barbells is the core of any serious strength training routine, and are also at the core of CrossFit workouts.  Moving heavy things through space in all dimensions trains the muscles and the neurological system to build functional strength.  There's something about the slide of a weight plate onto the end of a barbell, and the clink of it sliding firmly into place that gets the adrenaline pumping.  The necklace is a beautiful accessory for women who love weightlifting, strength training, bodybuilding, functional fitness, and fitness.    

The pendant is easy to clean, only requiring a quick wipe with a polishing cloth to maintain the beautiful finish.  Barbellic's gold jewelry is gold-plated brass.  It is nickel free.  Barbellic's mission is to inspire strong women to keep lifting and be proud of every single hard-earned muscle.  To get our inspiring jewelry and gifts in the hands of everyone who needs it, gold-plating is an affordable option for precious metal jewelry. Our 14k gold-plated jewelry is durable, but like most precious metals, it can scratch so treat them with love.  With exposure to chemicals, cleaners, sweat, or excessive friction and rubbing, all gold-plated products can have the finish gradually wear down.  To prevent damage, we recommend storing your item in a soft cloth pouch away from other products, and avoiding exposure to household chemicals and cleaning products.  We can also custom make any of our pieces in solid gold, or even platinum to order.  

All Barbellic jewelry is made to order in the United States.